FormFactor Introduces Rapid Cooling Probe System for Quantum Device Testing

October 18, 2022 at 4:01 PM EDT
IQ2000™ Cryogenic Chip Scale Probe System Tests 10X More Devices At 4 Kelvin

LIVERMORE, Calif., Oct. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FormFactor, Inc. (NASDAQ:FORM), a leading semiconductor test and measurement supplier, today introduced the IQ2000, a new die probing system capable of cooling devices from room temperature to a 4K base temperature in less than one hour. The new capabilities dramatically expedite testing for quantum control chips, cryo-CMOS, photonic devices, niobium-based circuits, materials development, and other applications that require ultra-low temperature environments. Quantum developers can now benefit from ten times faster cooling cycles without liquid cryogens, yielding comprehensive statistical data and accelerating quantum development cycles.

Traditional cryogenic chip probing methodologies can require 24 hours or more to exchange and cool the devices from room temperature to 4 Kelvin. To eliminate more than 90% of this unproductive overhead, the IQ2000 innovative load-lock chamber and cryogenic probe head provide tool-free device exchange without warming up or opening the ultra-cold test environment. To further accelerate test, a high density electrical probe interface is also available to enable high-bandwidth, parallel device contact.

The IQ2000’s key features include:

  • Faster time to data with a load-lock chamber to cycle devices up to ten times faster in a cryogenic environment
  • Options for <2K or <4K base temperature, with high cooling power (>200mW @ 4K)
  • Up to 128 low-frequency signals and up to 28 high-bandwidth (>12.5 GHz) for parallel device test with FormFactor’s leading probe card technologies
  • Low vibration system for stable device contact and low-noise measurements

“Quantum test engineers have long struggled with limited throughput due to the time it takes to cool down each device,” said Amy Leong, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Emerging Growth Business Unit at FormFactor. “With the IQ2000 we eliminate the thermal cycle roadblock and simultaneously enable parallel probe test. We’re excited to bring these new capabilities to the community, to fast-track quantum development.”

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